Couple-Run Businesses

Session Overview

Developed from working with couples for over 20 years and personal experience of running businesses together ourselves, the workshop will equip you with the four fundamental habits for successful relationships, as shared in our recent TEDx SquareMile talk

Using short talks, multi-media presentations and individual exercises, you will be guided through practical tools and techniques to help you develop key skills as well as your own action plan for strengthening your relationship and working together as a powerful team, while keeping love alive.   Specifically, you will learn to:

  1. Be CURIOUS, not critical – which is learninghow to take control of your relationship, get over irritations and discover the real strengths in your differences;
  2. Be CAREFUL, not crushing – which is learninghow to manage conflict well, minimise stress and damage to your relationship and come out stronger together;
  3. ASK, don’t assume – which is learninghow to really talk and really listen, no matter how sensitive the topic, asking and discussing rather than assuming and stereotyping, while building trust and mutual respect;
  4. CONNECT before you correct – which is learninghow to build a strong relationship with warmth, connection and good humour by communicating real value and appreciation rather than just “constructive feedback”.


These workshops are ideal for couples who run businesses together to help you give each other space to play to your strengths, cover for each other’s weaknesses and achieve great results in business and keep love and intimacy alive at home.

Inspired by the “4 habits” and the beautiful surroundings of Sopwell House Spa Hotel (St Albans), you will leave feeling better about yourselves and each other, clearer about your values and priorities, and empowered to build the quality relationship you desire.

That’s our guarantee.

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Unpack what we covered in our TEDx talk

The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships

TEDxSquareMile, 9 Mar 2019

We had the privilege of sounding the alarm about the need for proactive relationship education on the TEDx stage, recently. Our message was a simple one:

  • All couples face a similar set of hurdles. Success comes from being adequately prepared to navigate those hurdles.
  • Having seen and worked with countless couples over the past 20+ years, every successful couple exhibits 4 simple habits that equip them to get over the hurdles. Every failing relationship we've ever seen has lacked one or more of the habits.
  • We can all develop these habits and it is much better to develop them in advance, rather than waiting until things breakdown before trying to fix them.

Join this workshop today to begin your journey to mastering the 4 habits. Habits that will transform all your relationships for the better, forever.

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Recommended by attendees

"I found Jon and Andrea's workshop particularly useful in finding uniquely different ways to tackle difficult subjects in relationships. Over the 20 or so years that they have been mastering their skills, they also have developed a helpful way of defining personalities and explaining how we can understand each other better."

Jon B. Jon B., Private Banker (Retired)

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Jon B.
"It was amazing. I think it's a very complicated subject that was delivered in a way that felt accessible. You'll learn a lot, you'll laugh a lot. And you will take away very practical tips and techniques that will make a huge difference to your work life and your personal life. What more could you ask for?"

Sajjad Sajjad, Management Consultant

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"It was useful spending time thinking about our relationships in the widest possible sense. The workshop spanned both home and personal relationships which makes a lot of sense given we bring our whole selves into the office. Focusing on this topic with colleagues was a lot easier than I expected and I know people are already using the material at work and at home."

Business Development Head Biz Dev Head, Law Firm

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Biz Dev Head, Law Firm

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