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Short talks to build engagement for improving Relationship Competence, proactively

Helping leaders and their teams understand how building relationship skills can add huge value to their lives both at work and at home. 


Why run these sessions

"Relationships" are still considered by most to be a very personal topic and not one that is generally approached in a corporate setting.  With campaigns such as "Me Too" and "Break the Stigma" having now gone before, thankfully that taboo around talking about relationships is finally beginning to relax.

We run these sessions to show people that ALL relationships face a similar set of challenges, and that by learning a few tips and techniques, they can easily improve the quality of all their relationships and better manage home-work-life tensions.

Over the past 20+ years of working in relationship space, Founders Jon & Andrea observed that ALL successful relationships exhibit 4 simple, yet fundamental, habits.  They shared these in their recent TEDx Talk.  Once people learn & start practicing these habits, they greatly improve the chances of their relationships not just surviving, but thriving.


Session Topics

We have developed a number of short talks, focused on helping people gain insights into the importance of developing skills to improve relationships across difference and distance.  Below are a handful of examples:

  • Reducing stress and improving mental health with the 4 Habits of successful relationships
  • Owning your time: Scheduling based on values & real priorities, not 'to do' lists.
  • More connected than the internet: Staying emotionally connected with your children, especially through the teen years.

However, we recognise that many of our clients will have different needs and are happy to develop talks to meet specific needs.


How they're structured

Talks are typically delivered as 60-min sessions (45 mins talk plus 15 mins Q&A)

They are generally delivered in client offices under one of the following initiatives:

  • Awareness days
  • "Lunch & Learn" information seminars
  • Engagement building ahead of workshops delivered under Learning & Development, Wellbeing and/or Culture Change Initiatives


Contact Us to discuss implementation options