Master The 4 Habits with Online LIVE Coaching 

Developed by popular demand for LIVE support to help couples go through the courses.

In this LIVE Coaching program, Jon & Andrea make themselves available to answer your questions and talk through particular challenges during SIX 90-minute Online Video Calls scheduled alongside you going through the online course.  The LIVE Coaching sessions are held fortnightly with a restricted group of couples, so everyone gets time to ask their questions.

How the program works?

  • During the LIVE sessions - Jon & Andrea will provide an overview of each of the habits and the difference they make, along with examples of what typically works well (and what doesn't) in developing the habits.  They are also on hand to answer your questions.  Couples also benefit from hearing how others have managed to get over their challenges.
  • In between sessions - couples go through the online course (included in this bundle cost) in their own time, complete the exercises to embed the learnings, and prepare questions for the next LIVE session.  Jon & Andrea will continue to be available to respond to unlimited messages by email or text for the duration of the program.


When and where?

Online LIVE Coaching Sessions generally run fortnightly over 12 weeks on the following dates/times:

  • Stream A - Mondays 20:00 (GMT), 15:00 (EST)
  • Stream B - Saturdays 15:00 (GMT), 10:00 (EST)

I'm interested, how do I find out more?

Find out more, get full list of session dates & book your space, here:


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The 4 Habits... as covered in our TEDx talk

The 4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships

TEDxSquareMile, 9 Mar 2019

We had the privilege of sounding the alarm about the need for proactive relationship education on the TEDx stage, recently (incidentally, we're over the moon to announce that coinciding with the launch of this Q4 2019 LIVE Coaching program, the talk just hit 300,000 views on the YouTube platform!). Our message was a simple one:

  • All couples face a similar set of hurdles. Success comes from being adequately prepared to navigate those hurdles.
  • Having seen and worked with countless couples over the past 20+ years, every successful couple exhibits 4 simple habits that equip them to get over the hurdles. Every failing relationship we've ever seen has lacked one or more of the habits.
  • We can all develop these habits and it is much better to develop them in advance, rather than waiting until things breakdown before trying to fix them.

Book your space on one of these LIVE Coaching programs to begin your journey to mastering the 4 habits. Habits that will transform all your relationships for the better, forever.


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What other couples we've helped have to say...

"Thank you so much. I can't explain enough how Your course has helped reshape my relationships. I am forever grateful to you and Andrea for giving me the opportunity to learn from you."


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"Brilliant. So practical; and helpful in building awareness and the skills to communicate effectively."


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"Quite an eye opener for me. Very well structured and articulated making it very easy to apply the learning and build strong relationships. Surprisingly better than classroom based training."


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