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Relationship breakdown is crippling us all... as individuals, as families and as a society.

The stats reveal that roughly half of all couple-relationships don’t “go the distance” and recent research has shown this is costing UK tax payers a whopping £51bn per annum.  In addition, research out of the CBI has shown that corporates are also footing a bill to the tune of £37bn per annum plus.  With research also confirming that family breakdown is the single biggest trigger of teenage mental health problems, the need for a proactive approach to relationship capability development on a nationwide scale has never been greater.

In 2016, we established Soulmates Academy to help individuals and organisations achieve better wellbeing and emotional health through proactively equipping people with strong relationship skills as a natural part of personal and professional development.  This has never been done before in the UK.

We have made some progress, however a mindset shift is required to overcome stigmas currently associated with seeking help for relationships and to have the sort of nationwide impact that is needed.  Towards this end, below is an overview of some of our recent initiatives, over and above our regular work of delivering on-line courses, seminars and LIVE workshops:

  • Influencing Government Policy - We have become frequent visitors to Westminster, joining in discussions with MPs, Peers and Government task forces around policy initiatives to strengthen couple relationships & reduce inter-parental conflict. We are particularly keen to see a Minister appointed for Strengthening Families & Couple-Relationships in the next government, and have been campaigning for an annual nationwide #RelationshipCapabilityAwarenessDay.
  • Working with captains of industry - To help quantify the impact of relationship breakdown on organisations and also the impact of corporate life on relationships, we have been preparing to launch a city-wide survey in the summer of 2019.  This we hope will help place the importance of investing in relationships and #emotionalhealth firmly on the boardroom agenda, alongside #mentalhealth, #diversityandinclusion and #genderpaygap initiatives.
  • Working with schools - In readiness for the new government directive for Relationship & Sex Education 2020, we have started developing and trialling relationship equipping events for schools - both for the pupils (contributing to the PHSE programme), and for the parent/teacher community.

Our work to date has been almost entirely self-funded apart from contributions from a handful of partners. However changing mindsets takes time... and money.

If what we have described so far resonates strongly with you, we would be immensely grateful for any financial help and support you can give. Please scroll down for our Bank Details.  Of course, if you would like to have a conversation first, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks in advance for your partnership.

Jon & Andrea


Family Breakdown

The stats tell the story...

In Jan 2018, research done by The Relationship Foundation concluded that Family Breakdown is costing the state a whopping £51bn per annum.

In context, that is almost half what it costs to run the UK's entire National Health Service!

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At this stage, Soulmates Academy is set up as a Limited Company and not as a charity.

If, as a donor, this is something you are particularly keen on, we would love to have a chat with you to explore options for establishing a charitable entity.

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"Success in the city is so often accompanied in equal measure by stress in the city. It is a real, present and serious danger to stable family life and family relationships. Soulmates Academy’s work is vital and long overdue. They have to succeed, and we should support them."


Sir Paul Coleridge

Former High Court Judge & Founder - Marriage Foundation

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