ALL successful relationships exhibit 4 simple habits...

  • That's the lesson emerging from our 20+ years' experience of working with countless couples.  On the flip side, every failing relationship we've ever seen has lacked one or more of them.
  • The great news is that we can all develop these 4 habits.
Here's 4 steps to acquiring those 4 habits......
Step 1:  Recognise WHY you are where you are...
All Relationships Face Hurdles
  • ALL relationships face a similar set of hurdles.

  • Success comes from being able to get over the hurdles smoothly.

  • The 4 Habits equip you to get over the hurdles.

Step 2:  Understand WHAT you can do to improve things...


Emotional Bank Account
  • We all have "Emotional Bank Accounts" - that track every interaction we have with people around us.

  • Good interactions register as DEPOSITS.  Bad ones feel like WITHDRAWALS.

  • The "net balance" reflects the how you feel in each relationship.

  • Success in relationships comes from knowing how to reduce unintentional WITHDRAWALS and make DEPOSITS.

Step 3:  Learn HOW the 4 Habits can help improve your Emotional Bank Accounts.
Reduce Withdrawals
  • #1 - BE CURIOUS, not critical
  • #2 - BE CAREFUL, not crushing
Make Deposits
  • #3 - ASK, don't assume
  • #4 - CONNECT, b4 you correct

Practising these 4 habits regularly will transform your relationships.

Not doing so, could cost you dearly. 

Step 4:  Master The 4 Habits here...

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela -