Great relationships don't just happen...

... they are built on purpose.

4 simple habits is all it takes...
  • That's the lesson from our 20+ years' experience of working with countless couples... every successful couple-relationship has mastered 4 simple habits. Every failing relationship we've ever seen has lacked one or more of them.
  • The great news is that we can all develop these habits.
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Dr. Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings | TEDxSquareMile | 9 Mar 2019

WHY do these habits make a difference?
  • We each hold an "Emotional Bank Account" for every one of our relationships.
  • Without the 4 habits, we keep doing things that feel like "withdrawals" from the account, our accounts drain, and our relationships experience a lot of stress and strain.
  • Developing and practicing these 4 habits allows us to keep our Emotional Bank Accounts topped up and our relationships feeling "sweet".
WHAT do the habits look like in practice?

Habit #1 BE CURIOUS, not critical will help you get over the hurdle of frustrations that can come from unmet expectations. We're all wired differently.  Improving your understanding of each other allows you to play to your respective strengths, rather than waste time & energy criticising differences.


Habit #2 BE CAREFUL, not crushing will help you get over the hurdle of poor conflict resolution approaches and the damage they can cause in relationships.  You can do this by learning how to "show up" better, manage conflict effectively and come out stronger together. 

Habit #3 ASK, don't assume will help you get over the hurdle of mistrust and dis-respect that can creep into relationships. You do this by learning how to get good at having those courageous conversations where you ask and discuss, rather than assume and stereotype.

Habit #4 CONNECT, before you correct will help you get better at communicating real value and appreciation, and hold back on that need to give "constructive feedback" that so many of us are all too good at! You do this by learning how to communicate value and show appreciation in ways that mean the most to the people you care about.

How can I / we develop these habits?

The 4 Habits @ Work


Workshops & Talks for Organisations

We help employers develop thriving workforces that deliver better results, by equipping their people with habits to build strong relationships both at work and at home.

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The 4 Habits @ Home


The 4 Habits Online Course

Get the full suite of 5 Online Video-based Courses (each 1-2 hours of in-depth practical equipping, in bite-sized chunks) to help you master the 4 habits in your own time.

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Online LIVE Coaching Program

Get all your questions answered as you go through the Online Course in 6 LIVE sessions with Jon & Andrea as part of a small group.

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1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions

Sign up for a series of 5 personalised Video calls with Jon/Andrea to help you master the 4 habits and work through specific challenges.

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1-Day LIVE Workshop

Book your seat now to join us for a full day of equipping and fun, get a whole load of practical examples and get all your questions answered in a LIVE Workshop with Jon & Andrea.

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The difference the 4 Habits are making...

"Thank you so much. I can’t explain enough how Your course has helped reshape my relationships. I am forever grateful to you and Andrea for giving me the opportunity to learn from you."


V. A.

IT Project Manager

"Absolutely fantastic course. All couples should do this course. Well thought out and well presented. I sent the link to my husband within half an hour of logging in... Well worth it."


F. O.

Marketing Director

"I found Jon and Andrea's workshop particularly useful in finding uniquely different ways to tackle difficult subjects in relationships. Over the 20 or so years that they have been mastering their skills, they also have developed a helpful way of defining personalities and explaining how we can understand each other better."


J. B.

Retired Banker