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Equipping Leaders & Teams with improved Relationship Competence

Work impacts home, and home impacts work.  Building strong relationships in BOTH helps people have better conversations and achieve better outcomes.

Below is a selection of some of the workshops and seminars/webinars we have developed to help people improve their relationship competence both at work and at home.   


1) Building stronger relationships At WORK

Helping people improve the quality of their relationships at work improves teamwork, wellbeing and productivity.  That's the focus of our "In the workplace" offering at Soulmates Academy.

If any of the below sessions resonate with current challenges you are facing, all we need to do is book a date to get going. However, we are also happy to develop and customise particular trainings around Relationship Skills-building to meet each client's specific requirements, so just let us know.


Achieving Belonging through Relationships

Real inclusion and feelings of belonging are experienced in the quality of relationships and 1-on-1 interactions.

In this session, employees learn that it is their personal responsibility to discover strengths in differences, build strong relationships and support each other in becoming the best version of themselves.

(90-mins Seminar/Webinar)


Improving Engagement & Retention

The saying goes People go where they feel welcomed, but stay where they feel valued.”

In this session, we help your team leads to improve their understanding of what it takes to communicate meaningful value and appreciation to their team members consistently.  That way, team members engage well, invest their creativity and innovation, willingly give their discretionary effort and become advocates for their boss / team / company.

(90-mins Seminar/Webinar)


Improving Virtual/Remote Working

Working remotely / from-home has numerous lifestyle benefits.  It also comes with its own unique set of challenges.

In this session, we help team leads, managers and virtual/remote workers to establish great rapport, play to their collective strengths, negotiate boundaries and deliverables, communicate value and appreciation and build relationships of mutual trust and respect so performance is enhanced, despite the distance.

(3-hours LIVE workshop)


Improving Leadership & Influence

The saying goes “People don’t resign from companies, they resign from bosses!”

In this session we help team leaders build strong emotional intelligence and relationship skills so they become “safe not soft”. Managers and team leads learn how to create psychologically safe, inclusive environments where people are free to be themselves, supported in their growth and development, encouraged to engage in robust conversations when required, while being confident that they are valued, accepted and belong.

(3-hours LIVE workshop)


Reducing Workplace Conflict

Conflict is going to rear its ugly head at some stage and when it does how we handle it is paramount.  A recent survey showed that 20% of Management time is typically spent resolving workplace conflict.  This is an area most of us can improve in.

In this session we help both managers and their teams learn how to use conflict to their advantage and strengthen relationships by developing the skills to make allowances for differences, treat each other carefully during the process of conflict, minimise stress and damage in relationships, and come out stronger together.

(3-hours LIVE workshop)

2) Building stronger relationships At HOME

In the 2019 Wellbeing@Work London Conference, the CEO Panel concluded that organisations need to recognise that "whatever is going on in people's lives, IS GOING ON!  Whatever happens to be causing them a challenge..." they said "is what we as employers need to step up and support them in".  And as one of the ensuing breakout panels concluded, "if that happens to be their personal relationships, then it's time we address that elephant in the room!"

Through our "At Home" offering at Soulmates Academy, we help people improve the quality of their personal relationships (those that often matter most to them) as a crucial part of helping them reduce stress in their lives and improve their wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Below are some of our off-the-shelf workshops and seminar/webinars to help employers support their people in this area in the most engaging and un-intrusive way.


Understanding Differences, Managing Expectations & Minimising Stress at home

Stress and conflict often arise when our expectations are unmet, especially when it involves people we are closest to. But by understanding what makes those people tick, you can manage your expectations and lower stress in relationships. Our insights will equip you to find the strength in your differences and cut each other more slack in areas of relative weakness.

In this session we:

  • Look at why people think, feel and act differently
  • Use a simple, powerful personality model for anticipating behaviours, especially under stress

Examine how cultural/background differences create mindsets that fuel disappointments in relationships.

(90-mins Seminar/Webinar)


Effective Strategies for managing conflict at home and at work

Even in the strongest of relationships, there will inevitably be times when we don’t see eye to eye. Conflict is going to happen, but how well are we prepared for it? Do we have the skills to ‘do conflict well’ so that relationships are strengthened rather than damaged?

In this session we will:

  • Discuss natural conflict resolution styles and show how our default responses are generally ‘me-centred’ and unhelpful
  • Share strategies for preparing for conflict, ‘fighting fair’ during ‘the battle’ and strengthening the relationship through learning the lessons and restoring the connection afterwards
(90-mins Seminar/Webinar)

Making work-from-home /remote working work for you

Often the challenge to working successfully from home or working remotely is not with the technology but with the human interface, especially the level of support from relationships at home. Different expectations and assumptions around your presence and availability to be involved in home routines, chores and life can create tensions and stresses that impact on your ability to perform well in either role. 

In this webinar we help participants develop a better understanding of:

  • Their own priorities and workstyles
  • The need to be able to discuss and ask for the support needed to make ‘life’ work for both parties
  • The skill of staying connected and showing empathy to each other.
(90-mins Seminar/Webinar)

Building Connection and Influence Across Difference, Distance and Generations

"People go where they feel welcomed but stay where they feel valued" – both in their personal and professional lives. When people feel valued they are more open and honest in conversation and far more willing to go the extra mile. But we are all much better at giving ‘constructive feedback’ than communicating value and appreciation.

In this session we share the concept of the five languages of appreciation that help to unlock access to a person’s heart, engagement and discretionary effort. Whether you are building rapport and connection with a colleague, a life partner or a surly teenager, understanding the five languages of appreciation will equip you to ‘speak’ the language most relevant to the people around you and transform the level of warmth and connection in all your important relationships.

(90-mins Seminar/Webinar)


Have your cake and eat it! How to build and maintain strong home relationships that support you as you climb the corporate ladder

One of the keys to success in the workplace is having a healthy, mutually supportive partnership at home. However, ‘doing life together’ comes with challenges – especially when one or both partners work in a high-pressure, long-hours, extensive-travel, always-on culture.

In this workshop we will help you understand how different workstyles, needs and expectations drive the way you behave and respond, so that you can each anticipate, make allowances for and mutually adjust your behaviour – especially under pressure – to create the supportive partnership you want and need.

We will also equip you to have the tough conversations around deeply held and sometimes opposing values (eg. around roles and responsibilities) so that you can agree a way forward that works for your relationship.

Importantly, we will empower you to communicate appreciation in consistent, meaningful ways that deepen the level of connection and empathy, so that you and your partner enjoy the emotional support required to help you thrive in your respective roles.

(3-hours LIVE workshop)

Finding your balance as a woman in the workplace. How to reduce stress, live your values and find balance in an always-on culture

One of the main sources of stress for working women who are also the main caregiver at home, is that feeling that the life we are living on the outside is contradicting the values we hold dear on the inside.

Often that means that when we are at work we feel guilty about what we should be doing at home, and when we are at home we feel guilty about what we should be doing at work. Our lives become an unsustainable juggling act driven by a relentless to-do list.

In this workshop, you will be empowered and equipped to establish your priorities, develop healthy boundaries between work and life, say no when ‘good becomes the enemy of best’ and design your own life-balance through learning to schedule based on values not just your to-do list.

(3-hours LIVE workshop)

Note: Sessions can be are generally delivered by our speakers, but we also have an option to deliver through "Train-the-Trainer" programs).


Jon Portrait-539244-edited-663569-edited ANDREA portrait-1-379408-edited

Speaker Bios | Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings 

Dr Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings co-founded Soulmates Academy with a vision to strengthen relationships and equip people with the required skills to “turn up better” at home, at work and in life. Their approach starts with the belief that every relationship faces a similar set of basic hurdles and that everyone should be taught the techniques required to get over them. In early 2019, they delivered a TEDx talk – The 4 Habits of All Successful Relationships.

A Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, Andrea has 30 years’ experience as an organisation design and development professional with Big Four and niche consultancies, and as an entrepreneur.

Jon has spent much of the last 30 years in professional services, helping both blue-chips (Merrill Lynch; Credit Suisse) and start-ups (Redington; Mallowstreet; LKRC) deliver a wide range of services across the banking, pensions and consulting sectors.

Contact us today to discuss running these workshops and seminars/webinars as part of your Learning & Development, Wellbeing, Culture-change or other initiatives.

Call us directly on:

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What people are saying...

"An eye opening session on a subject that, in all honesty, has been pretty taboo in the workplace – in fact worse, it has just not been on the radar as a topic that is affecting business performance. We have spent years trying to separate work from home, in an attempt to create this thing called 'work life balance'. What a mistake; the two are intertwined, with each dependent on the others happiness. Delighted that we have a forum to discuss this, with great hosts in Andrea and Jon.”


Irena Molloy

Executive Director, Howard Kennedy

"It was useful spending time thinking about our relationships in the widest possible sense. The workshop spanned both home and personal relationships which makes a lot of sense given we bring our whole selves into the office. Focusing on this topic with colleagues was a lot easier than I expected and I know people are already using the material at work and at home."


Business Development Head

Law Firm

"I found Jon and Andrea's workshop particularly useful in finding uniquely different ways to tackle difficult subjects in relationships. Over the 20 or so years that they have been mastering their skills, they also have developed a helpful way of defining personalities and explaining how we can understand each other better."


J. B.

Private Banker (Retired)

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