Relationship breakdown is impacting corporate bottom-lines & increasingly being recognised as a major driver of societal concerns...

Are you measuring the impact? 

High-Pressure work environments are having a significant impact on Personal Relationships...

  • The nature of the work (long hours, extended time apart, travel, tight deadlines, etc), fuelled by the blurring of home/work boundaries, increasing trends to remote/flexible working practices and "always on" cultures place greater stresses on people and relationships.

... and Relationship-breakdown is in turn impacting productivity.

  • As people struggle to maintain boundaries between work and home and the pressures of work impact home-life, stress builds and health and wellbeing take a turn for the worst.

Put simply, the better employees can get at managing home/work/life tensions, the less risk of reduced wellbeing, diminished productivity and loss of talent as a result of relationship breakdown.

"We need better fences at the top of the cliff, rather than just more ambulances waiting at the bottom"

- Denis Parsons-Burkitt -

What's Required?

Organisations need to close the Relationships gap in the Wellbeing puzzle
  • Many organisations recognise the impact of poor wellbeing on their business but, to date, most active in this space have focused energies on attending to the physical (gym memberships & medicals), and the mental (yoga, mindfulness, mental first-aiders).

  • Where emotional support exists it is mostly reactive and focused on picking up the pieces of relationship breakdown.  Current services focus on counselling after breakdown, supporting families through separation and divorce and addressing mental illness.

  • Organisations need to help their people get better at managing the intersection of work and home and the impact of work demands on their personal relationships.

How we help our clients...

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Where we've worked...

Howard Kennedy
Charles Stanley
Jamaica High Commission, London
Equality Group
What people are saying about our approach...

"An eye opening session on a subject that, in all honesty, has been pretty taboo in the workplace – in fact worse, it has just not been on the radar as a topic that is affecting business performance. We have spent years trying to separate work from home, in an attempt to create this thing called 'work life balance'. What a mistake; the two are intertwined, with each dependent on the others happiness. Delighted that we have a forum to discuss this, with great hosts in Andrea and Jon.”


Irena Molloy

Executive Director, Howard Kennedy

"Success in the city is so often accompanied in equal measure by stress in the city. It is a real, present and serious danger to stable family life and family relationships. Soulmates Academy’s work is vital and long overdue. They have to succeed, and we should support them.”


Sir Paul Coleridge

Former High Court Judge

"It was useful spending time thinking about our relationships in the widest possible sense. The workshop spanned both home and personal relationships which makes a lot of sense given we bring our whole selves into the office. Focusing on this topic with colleagues was a lot easier than I expected and I know people are already using the material at work and at home."


Business Development Head

Law Firm

Why we do what we do...

It's simple really...

  • Relationship breakdown is driving mental ill-health, suicide, homelessness and a whole raft of other negative outcomes.
  • Current solutions are often too little, too late.
  • We need to break the silence around talking about relationships, and help the world adopt a more positive approach.

In March 2019, Founders Jon & Andrea had the privilege of sounding the alarm on the TEDx platform, and encouraging us all to adopt a proactive approach to Relationship Skills Development.  Watch their TEDx Talk here.

- The evidence is mounting that support for individuals and families enhances both employee and organisational wellbeing."

- Prof. Sir Cary Cooper, CIPD President -

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